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COVID-19 News #1

Dear Green Apple family

COVID-19 News

The Green Apple started planning their management strategies in relation to COVID-19, and developing protocol to follow, as early as late February (see the Green Apple E-newsletter editorial early March). 

I was already starting to implement all the behaviour-modification and sanitising measures long before we heard it through general Media.  My information was actually coming through my medical sources.  I have been able to plan ahead for both the Main Centre and the Green Apple Clinic.

The most important message for us all to have is that the Green Apple is NOT a gym. 

We are a Wellness Centre.

All the exercise equipment is in well ventilated areas and in covered outdoor areas.

NO AIR CONDITIONING to spread germs.

Did you know that many, many years ago the Green Apple was included in an university project researching the level of bacterial and virus matter floating around in fitness centres. The researchers actually came to see me after they had collated their results and said, “we are doing something that we should never do when doing research work, we are excluding you from our results”.


Because the air at Green Apple was so pure that they felt it corrupted the research, throwing their Bell Curve out significantly. They justified it by saying that the Green Apple could not be considered an area that would trap viruses and bacterial matter in the air because it was so open and there was no air conditioning.
I was very happy to hear this because it validated my belief that we have a “green” environment.

Everybody has a part to play in minimizing the risk of contracting this viral infection.  Hopefully if we don’t panic, if we observe every sensible precaution, together we will come out of this incredibly challenging time as fit, strong, and emotionally/mentally stable as we came into it.

As the CEO of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said when he declared the COVID-19 virus a pandemic – we can come through this.  “It is doable”!

Sincerely and in good faith

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Any concerns please contact Victoria via email on [email protected]


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