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Exercise as Medicine

Exercise as Medicine

During the past century we have lost so many opportunities for incidental exercise.  The industrial age and the advent and growth of technology have stripped away so many “energy-burners” that would have filled our day.  Previously just keeping food on the table, the house clean and the clothes washed would have expended thousands of calories which today can be seen worn around waistlines.

The solution to this gradual decline in daily physical activity is the new growth industry in “prescriptive exercise”.  To manage all the stresses of daily life today we need to do our body-housekeeping and, just as cars need to be used and require regular servicing, and houses need maintenance to stay in good working order, our body needs to be kept strong, supple and functional.

Since 1978, the Green Apple Wellness Centre in Bald Hills has been integrating allied health and fitness practices to create an awareness that physical activity and exercise is medicine, and that this medicine can be fun, shared with others and still be as effective as popping a pill.

A recent email from a client, originally directed to the Green Apple by his doctor, is a good example of what can be achieved under the “exercise is medicine” model.

“Prior to my attendance at 86 years of age, I felt very much that I was climbing on the scrap heap of life.  In spite of leading a fairly active life, things were not improving health-wise.  October 19 was the first anniversary of my attendance at your excellent Wellness Centre and the following are some of the results that have amazed me – my depression is so reduced that I have ceased medication, my weight is down from 81 kg to 76 kg (my long-desired target), I haven’t had to see my physiotherapist for my aches and pains all year, my constant headaches are a thing of the past.  Now at 87, my strength has greatly improved, making me feel I am back to being 40 something”.

In these modern times, we all need to talk to someone about our health needs in relation to exercise.  The Green Apple has a multi-disciplinary team of exercise physiologists, exercise professionals, dietitian, and massage therapists.  Hicaps is available for Medicare and Private Health Funds.

A FREE initial consultation will identify needs and a plan will be discussed.  Phone 3261 1249 to book an appointment.


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