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Welcome to the Green Apple Health@Home program. Our new health care services for the duration of COVID-19 enables you to do your gym exercises in your own home with minimum equipment and stay on your health journey.  You don’t actually need equipment because the main feature of Health@Home is the face-to-face trainer you work with, their enthusiasm and help. A real person who will tailor your exercises to exactly what you need.

Our Exercise physiologists will help you to design your very own Home Exercise program using any equipment you have at home. We want to keep you motivated and inspired and we do this by taking the blocks away that usually defeat people when they try to exercise at home.

We will help you if you are not tech-savvy.  The program we use is not difficult but we know that many people feel challenged by things they haven’t done before.  We will help “train the brain” to cope with what you want to do right from the beginning.

This is an exciting new and innovative way to engage in exercise in your own home.

Your sessions will be conducted using the Telehealth Medicare model with the help of your home phone/mobile/computer/iPad.  The consultation will be over the telephone, and online video, and we will walk you through any processes unfamiliar to you.

You will actually see our Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Professionals in real time when we use the Physiapp app or  It is this that makes it so personal and realistic. It is very easy to set up and our friendly staff are ready to help you with any inquiries you may have.

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