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Sensational – My Green Apple Journey

End of March 2019 It began, this sensational Green Apple journey. What an extra special journey it has been and I am positive that it will continue.

Overweight and depressed I met with Victoria then onto Sunny showing me through the gymnasium and then a meeting with Darrol my gym buddy.
Given my exercise program I commenced with much trepidation and discomfort of going to exercise in front of those fit gym people. I must admit it was a huge step to walk through the door into the gym for the first time. I was feeling terrified, very self-conscious and yes, most uncomfortable.
Getting through that first morning and achieving my exercise program was a huge relief mentally.

However, those initial feelings of uncertainty quickly disappeared as those people doing the workouts welcomed you with open arms and made you feel very comfortable and wanted. Me, I was one of the early birds and soon looked forward every morning in going to exercise and talk to everyone.
The Green Apple has an atmosphere of friendliness. When you walk through the front door you are greeted from behind the desk with a huge smile and a most pleasant good morning and your name follows, mine is, “Good morning Reevesie”. The staff know everyone by name that surely tells you something. The staff are certainly well qualified in their various fields however, it is the people personality that they all have, that also adds to and ensures the atmosphere within.
The Green Apple staff, they are also so caring about the clients that they make certain that the programs they give are to the benefit of the person.
The COV-ID 19 epidemic was only a glitch in passing for the Green Apple as Victoria made sure that her clients were well cared for and she and her staff put together home exercise programs that were able to be accessed on the Web on a daily basis. This was during the lockdown, then, when the announcement came from the Government that some restrictions were to be lifted and the Green Apple was able to operate again. Away we went back to the gym.
There were still restrictions like wiping down the equipment with sanitisers before and after use to which everyone conformed. This did not deter any one, they were just so happy to be back.
There are many and varied pieces of equipment in the Wellness Centre and it is very well laid out with sections for cardio fitness, core and balance, weights area and others that give the client an opportunity to utilise all aspects of an exercise, program. Your exercise program is reviewed every eight weeks.
If someone has been missing attending for a period of time there are general enquiries and discussion as to what is happening with them., are they OK, or are they away somewhere. There is that caring factor, the culture that is generated by one and all at the Green Apple. It is like a big happy family and this is very much inclusive of both the staff and the clientele.
Every morning there are laughs a plenty from everyone as we catch up with the daily news and also enjoy pleasantries and the jibes that come from each other.
From a social perspective there are groups who daily go to the local coffee shop “Ahoy” and enjoy a cup of coffee together. I am in a Friday group with a fantastic group of people.
For all the studies done around the world the Green Apple caters for every aspect of the studies recommendations, exercise, friendship and mental satisfaction and contentment, a feeling of belonging which is proven to give one a healthier life and longevity.
From a personal perspective attending Green Apple has certainly helped me. It has changed my life around. I go and exercise six mornings a week. My Doctor has reduced the strength of my blood pressure tablets and my weight has dropped.
A very special thanks to all my friends at the Green Apple.
Ian Reeves OAM
29th April 2021

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