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Social Benefits of Exercising With Others

Research tells us that if you are regularly participating in exercise around like-minded people you will have better physical wellness, mental health and emotional well-being.

At the Green Apple the social interaction plays a huge part in the results people can get just from being in the same area of the Centre, or in the same exercise group. At the end of the day it is being able to have a common laugh, and to open your mind to other’s opinions. It may even push you to do your best especially if you are struggling with your exercise.

As we mature, having a social element to our exercise helps us enjoy it more. If the circle of our acquaintances and friends shrink we can be at risk of increased stress, anxiety and depression, cardiovascular issues and even Alzheimer’s disease. The benefits of interacting with others, learning new skills together and committing to new rituals of physical activity can make a significant difference in our lives in so many ways.

When we find a bunch of people who can exercise alongside each other in harmony and who find things in common regardless of their age, their socioeconomic status, the type of work they do or used to do, their health, their gender, their religious beliefs, their political bent, it has to be pretty unique.

This relationship may only exist while on common ground in the Green Apple or it may extend to a weekly group coffee locally or some other social activity. There may be no other social interaction however the bond of the rituals of exercising, attending at the same time of day, a consistent schedule of developing good habits, the comforting normality of gathering with people whom are so familiar in one context but are not part of the fabric of your daily life in any other way, is pretty magical.

When we exercise with others like this we are free to be ourselves without the responsibilities we carry in other aspects of our lives. We are able to bond without being obligated. We can feel “care” for our fellow exercisers and provide support without pressure to perform.

So make the most of your time within the Green Apple. Talk to others while you exercise, join a group session in the gym or up in the Group Class area. Contribute to the social fabric and reap the social benefits of exercising with others.


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