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TAI CHI for Fun, for Social Interaction and for Health Benefits

Tai Chi exercise is a great “fit” with the culture and philosophies within Green Apple and we are excited to have a qualified Teh Nei Chia Chuan Style Tai Chi instructor available and keen to share this amazing exercise form with you.

We plan to offer a daytime class on Tuesday morning from 10.30am till 11.30am, and an evening class on Wednesdays from 5.45pm till 6.45pm. Numbers will be limited to 11 participants and the classes will be provided in a block of 10 classes, either enrolling in the am or pm group.

The fee for the 10-session block will be $80 for members and if non-members are interested there will be an opening for them to attend for $200.

Tai Chi participant Nicole shares:
“I struck up a conversation with a complete stranger in a shoe shop……who happened to be a Tai Chi Instructor. I always had an interest in Tai Chi but had never tried it. As fate intervened this was my opportunity.  I had been waking up each morning with a painful, stiff body and ‘brain fog’. And feeling negative for my future.  I went to my first class 7 months ago, and the change in my body is truly remarkable.  I now feel optimistic about my future ‘mind and body ‘ health”.
Nicole, aged 54yrs           17/7/23

Your Tai Chi leader, Michele, explains here more about the class to give you a better idea about how you will benefit from attending:
“The one-hour Teh Nei Chia Chuan Style Tai Chi class always begins with a particular exercise called a salute which is a multivariant of posture, breathing, timing, learning to be in the mind and moment and learning to be super gentle and relaxed from above the navel area of the body but very strong and rooted to earth below the navel area.  It is very important exercise called a Form in this Tai Chi Style. Then progresses into the Five Exercises, which could be called ‘warming up’ exercises. They are specifically done to help gain basic preparation of the body to enable ease of slow, gentle Tai Chi movements, balance, stability, posture, increased flexibility, breathing, personal spacial understanding, mental sharpness and memory. 

This takes 30 mins. Followed by a quick drink/ water break. 

The second 30 mins is the instruction of the actual Tai Chi Form First Half.  Which has a beginning and a closing using the Salute exercise (Form).

Nothing we do in Teh Nei Chia Chuan style Tai Chi, or the Five Exercises should hurt or pain us. It is NOT a no pain no gain concept, but training is to gently improve mind and body conditioning so that the improvements naturally happen, usually much to our surprise. 

As students improve, we will also incorporate ‘Lazy Form’ which can be done in bed (lying down) or sitting on/in a chair, or even leaning on a wall. Lazy Form is usually taught so that students can practise at home no matter their health or body condition as it was created for people who may be unwell, injured or in a sick bed.”

Participants Kathie and Terry share their journey with Tai Chi:
“I realise that as we age, our body and mind change. We deal with physical and mental challenges and I’m no different. I have Parkinson’s Disease, diagnosed about 2 years ago.
I wanted to learn Tai Chi to strengthen my mind and body. I wanted to improve my mental and physical health.  I have been most fortunate to meet Grand Master Steven Teh, the creator of Teh Nei Chia Chuan Tai Chi and Michele. I am starting to learn the benefits of Tai Chi. Using the Motion of Feeling, I can now focus on any area of discomfort, and it calms my body and my mind. 
Each lesson increases the effectiveness. I look forward to improving my health with Tai Chi. I have been learning for 7 months now. 
Kathie, aged 71yrs.         27/7/23

“In May 2015, I was involved in a motorcycle accident causing a shattered right femur and right wrist radius and ulna which required numerous operations over an 18 month period. The final result, other than the internal metal work, is that my right leg is 25mm shorter than the left leg and there is virtually no movement in the right wrist. I found, as a man, my mental and physical health was declining due to limited mobility, muscle fatigue and pain. In 2018 I started attending Teh Nei Chia Chuan Tai Chi on a regular basis and now consider it part of my life. My mental and physical health has improved immensely and although I can still tell if it’s about to rain, my pain levels are negligible. I sincerely recommend Tai Chi as a lifelong exercise to, stability and mindfulness. 
Terry, aged 62yrs            29/7/23

Enrolments are being taken now for these classes, and full payment is required to hold your place in your group. We had an excellent response to our previous “Expression of Interest” request when I started thinking about introducing Tai Chi into Green Apple, so I hope you are as excited as I am in being able to bring this opportunity to reality.

Victoria Gill

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