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The Weekly Bite – Monday 18 March, 2024 —Issue 2558

Hi All

I have been asked recently, by more than one member, about our Guest Pass. Guest passes can be requested by any Green Apple Member for family or friends who wish to attend the Centre to find out more about it and to trial exercising (and socialising!!) under your supervision. 

Occasionally we are asked if a person can do a trial week at Green Apple to find out if it is what they are looking for. It is not something that we are prepared to do for two main reasons. 

First, when we have casual people coming into Green Apple, if they haven’t had any formal training in how to use equipment, or specific coaching regards how they need to do the exercise for their needs, they will often do their exercise in a less safe way. Many, many years ago, we were less strict about this rule, and we often had Green Apple members coming to reception and advising us that there was someone in the gym who was doing something they considered dangerous. These members had been through our Induction processes where they learnt how to use the equipment and how to do the exercise well and they were concerned that there was someone in their midst who could hurt themselves if they continued to do what they were doing. 

Second, I believe that exercise really needs to be tailored for us individually so that what we are doing will achieve best outcomes. I personally haven’t any spare time to waste and my exercise time has to be time-effective and outcome-specific. If, however, we are just wanting to have some fun and take on a class or an activity for that reason then it’s a bit different. But if we are using equipment in the gym, we need help. 

Hence the Guest Pass!

A Guest Pass does carry some responsibility. The guest can only attend with you and must do the exercise with you. You are the host or hostess who will ensure that your friend or family member is not doing anything that will put them at risk.  In this way, we can offer a “trial” safely because we have some control over what is happening. 

If you would like to access a Guest Pass, just approach the Green Apple team member on reception and ask them if they can organise the pass for you. Your guest will be required to fill in a screening questionnaire and they will be provided with something that will enable them to come in with you, their “host” member. We want as many members like you as possible. Green Apple is a unique place and is not suited to everyone. We are not a conventional “gym”. We truly are a “Wellness” Centre, with benefits of improved physical condition, strength, fitness, functionality and mobility, as well as a place that can help with our mental and emotional well-being. And you all make the place what it is!

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