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To Fuel or not to Fuel That is the question!

World events leading to a significant fuel crisis and the escalating costs of petrol and diesel had me thinking about potential alternatives and also health-benefitting opportunities.

One question I have asked myself is how can members continue to come to Green Apple without burning a hole in their pocket. And I came up with an idea that just could possibly suit some people but which will not appeal to others.

We have a railway station barely 30 seconds down the road from Green Apple and it runs through, and to, many of the suburbs that members live in. I had the bright idea that, instead of driving all the way to the Centre, if you drive to the closest railway station and catch a train to Bald Hills the saving in fuel and the costs of running the car could add up substantially. And, bonus time, if you have a Senior’s Card the train fare is minimal.

From this potential alternative to a healthy opportunity, I started to think about both global and local threats to our peace of mind.
War, COVID, floods, rising costs, insufficient housing, all contributing to a general wide spread social anxiety, combined with the decisions about whether to fuel or not to fuel, adds to a real need to dissipate our stress in any way we can.

Finding the healthy way is the trick.

Walking has become a lost art in so many communities. Life gallops along and we try valiantly to keep up. Jumping in the car to get everywhere offers a fast solution, even if the destination is within walking distance. Any yet the benefits of walking in conjunction with activities in the gym, for example progressive resistance and stretching, Pilates, Yoga, can take you to new heights of weight loss, improved health and general body functionality.

So put on your walking shoes when you can, plan your car usage with options not thought of before, and feel in control of your micro environment while our macro environment (which is generally out of our control) continues on its relentless way.

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