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Update COVID-19 Stage 3 Relaxation

Hello Everyone!

I have been waiting to send you this so, for all of you waiting to hear about what we can now do in Stage 3 of COVID-19, here is what we will do.

At 12 noon today we will take down the barriers between all the zones set up during Stage 2.

Remember that these zones were created to protect you and facilitate possible tracking of the virus in the event of anyone being infected and then attending Green Apple. If we remember the reasoning behind this, it will be easy to continue with all the cleaning, hygiene, social distancing, using the hand sanitisers and everything else we have put in place to protect us all.   

From 12 noon today, Friday July 3:

1.  We will still take your temperature on entry.

2.  We will still record your name manually this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the time you leave so you will need to be patient with us if we have several people entering at any one time.

3.  We will still require you to observe physical distancing, and to be aware of how close you are to each other and to staff. We have always encouraged social interaction and friendships and I always want this to be part of the Green Apple experience however we now just need to be smart about it.

4.  We will continue to ask you to bring your carry bag and keep it with you rather than leaving it with us at Reception. This ruling will be relaxed eventually but not yet.

5.  We will still ask you to bring 2 towels and cover as much of the equipment as you can 

6.  We will still expect you to wipe down every contact part of the equipment that you use. This hygiene measure will now be taught to every client who comes to the Green Apple. We have always had high standards in relation to keeping the place as clean and hygienic as possible and we can only do it to the extent needed now if you help us in every way.

7.  I will still ask you to wash your hands when you go into the change rooms before touching anything, and to wipe the surfaces you touch in the toilet cubicle with the wipes supplied. We do our utmost to keep our wet areas spotless and if everyone helps with this when using the facility (and reports any problem in this area) it will be tremendous. 

We ask you to stay home if you are unwell. We don’t want what is happening in Victoria to happen in Queensland. And we want to keep you safe, and to be safe ourselves.

Before we opened on June 13, the equipment was “re-spaced” to be compliant with social distancing. Some pieces of equipment have been taken out and others relocated for the moment. If you are using the treadmills, the rowing machines,  or anything that others want access to and appear in shorter supply, please adhere to the time ruling, MAXIMUM TIME 10 minutes. We have a lot of equipment and potential choices so please be prepared to share where you see it is necessary.

The showers will now be accessible for your use.

I am so happy to be able to write this to you all, to members and to all the Green Apple Team. I feel we have been able to control what we could, work with what was out of our control and, through it all, stick together knowing we would definitely come out the other end.

There are still many unknowns and potential threats and we will continue to be diligent and supportive of government measures to protect us all.

Thank you to every one of you whom have made this journey with me
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