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Victoria’s Talk Time 01/08/21

Hello to all Green Apples

How resilient and resourceful we have to be these days! And I think we are certainly more primed for it in 2021 than ever before.

This will be a fairly short communication with you all to provide sufficient news about the next two days. Until we know more about what will happen from Tuesday August 3, 4pm, we can only tell you what you will already know, that we are in total lock down for the three days until that deadline on Tuesday.

All appointments have been cancelled, postponed really until we can rebook them and we haven’t taken that step yet because we need to know what the future will bring.

Already we are gearing up behind the scenes to make sure we keep you all active, and emotionally and mentally coping as well as physically well. I am totally confident that we can provide this service to all our full Lifestyle Wellness members as an alternative membership if we have to, and to any of our Associate Wellness Class members if you want to enrol in the program.

In fact we have some very exciting options for people to exercise offsite now, both one-on-one and in groups! We have been conducting these during 2021 and they have been fantastically received. Just think, this might be your chance to see what else Green Apple is providing, not just onsite but all over Queensland.

So now we wait to see what unfolds.

Some of you will know that Brian and I were off on holiday this week, tripping around for 7 days in a 6 berth Apollo Motor Home. Booked in 2020 with the purpose of making sure we got away on a break once COVID settled down. Ha Ha!!
All cancelled.
Glad we are not away.
Happy to be with our team while we all head into the known/unknown again.

Hang in there with us,

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