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Victoria’s Talk Time 02/08/21

Hello Green Apples

Well, we know now that the lock down has been extended and realise what we are experiencing now may have to be dealt with for significantly longer. The Delta COVID strain is a whole new kettle of fish.

We had a Strategic Planning meeting today with the focus on what is going to provide you with the best possible outcomes in regards to your physical, mental and emotional wellness. We know from our previous 2020 lock down the toll it took, and how so many of you were affected by the lack of social contact as well as the visits onsite to do your exercise.

So we have set up a COVID-closure framework with all of this in mind.

Action 1:  If you were one of the members enrolled in our “Health at Home” service during the 2020 closure (now named Green Apple Home Health), you are being sent immediate access to the Physitrack program you had during that time to help you get straight into your exercise at home.
If you haven’t received this by Tuesday midday please contact us on 3261 1249 between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday or send me an email at [email protected].

Action 2:  During the 2020 closure, the Green Apple group class team developed a library of group class videos from Stretch to Pilates to Aerobics.
This Green Apple video Link is now going to be provided to all full time members for the duration of the closure. If you haven’t received this by Tuesday midday please use the details above to contact us.

Action 3:  From Tuesday till Friday this week, the plan is to call as many members as possible so we can check if you are on track, OK and coping, and let you know what is going on our end. Note that the members given access to Physitrack will probably be contacted next week, once we know how long we are locked down for, to discuss your program.
If you have never used the online service providing you with weekly contact and a personalised program using Physitrack, and are now interested in transferring straight onto our HomeHealth service during lock down, you can do this for no additional fees. Phone 3261 1249 if you want more information about Green Apple Home Health.

Action 4:  This week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we are setting up multiple ZOOM meeting times that are available for members to enrol in. When we phone you we will want to know if this is something you will be prepared to do so we can provide in-depth face-to-face guidelines regarding what we plan from next week if the lock down continues.
It will also provide an interactive platform for members whom have friends and “gym acquaintances” they would like to meet up with. This ZOOM session should be informative as well as fun and I can imagine if we can get a group of our DVA people together, or Reevesie’s morning group, or the Earlybird group class people or any of our Green Apple social groups to attend together, they can feel good and we can feel supported and have some fun too!
The times for these ZOOM sessions this week will be available to book into so if you want to book in as a group phone us 3261 1249 and let us know.

This time round we are ready for our closure. It is still very challenging but we can do it and do it well so the more support you can give to anything we are providing the stronger we will all be when we eventually come out of it again.

And we will. So let’s hang in together.

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