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Victoria’s Talk Time 05/06/20

Hello Everyone 

Wonderful news!!
On Wednesday night, June 3, the decision came through that will make all the difference to how many members we can have onsite at any one time when open on Monday June 15. 
When the Queensland Premier decided “gyms” could open 2 weeks earlier than planned, the ruling was that you could only have 20 clients onsite at a time. 
I knew that our industry body, Fitness Australia, had spent weeks preparing an application to State Health decision makers all over Australia (in our case Qld Health) to ask for special dispensation on the “20 people in each Fitness Centre” ruling. I was crossing both fingers and toes waiting for the outcome. 

When they decision came through to allow us to apply the 4 square metre rule and strict physical distancing in regards to every room and the outdoor exercise areas to allow us to have more than 20 people onsite at any one time, it was celebration time!
We then had to measure up the specific sites within the Centre and apply a 7 square metre rule to each room or space to determine how many people can go into that area at any one time. 
Brian has measured everything up for me and we now have a site map which shows all the areas of the Centre which tells us how many of you can be in each particular area at any one time. 
So when you come in the door for your first workout we will show you this site map at the same time that we have you sign the obligatory COVID-19 Health and Safety waiver. You will only have to do this once. 
From then on you will see the signs around the Centre telling you how many are allowed in the different areas and you will be asked to be vigilant about complying with the necessary restrictions. We don’t want to have a visit from authorities who decide to be heavy handed, to and close us down again!
More news tomorrow. I plan to explain what you will need to bring into the gym with you, and when we will start classes, and when you can start booking new programs etc
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