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Victoria’s Talk Time 07/06/20

Hello Everyone

Eight days to go to opening, Monday June 15.

I am happy to share with you now that the Green Apple will look a little different when you come in post COVID-19.
Several years ago I worked on re-branding the Green Apple, keeping all the familiar important business messages that are an integral part of what and who we are, but changing our logo and updating our colour branding.  Using the new branding, we renovated the Reception area, the outside street side of the Centre and all the signage throughout the Centre. And that was as far as we got with it all because the Centre was always full of people and we were busy running the business.

COVID-19 has been a huge threat to the business however it has also provided significant opportunities and we have taken every opportunity possible. One of these has been to extend the Green Apple rebrand throughout the rest of the Centre.
John, Darrol, Brian and Gary have been our “outdoor team” during the COVID-19 closure and they have been working hard to create something very special. I had so many things I wanted to address and they have done an amazing job of pulling it all together. I hope you will feel as happy with it as I do and that you will give “the COVID-19 outdoor team” a hearty pat on the back.

One of the best parts of coming to the Green Apple to do our exercise is to catch up with others and that means having a good chat. When we first open, finding a place to chat that doesn’t take up the available space another member might need to access will be a challenge.  With capped numbers in every area of the Centre it will be critical to use the equipment you need and to move on as soon as you can.

With the new ruling of allowing up to 20 people in each contained area (and we have used the 7 square metre rule not the usual 4 square metre rule) rather than 20 members in total, we have the capacity to have 90 people onsite (and I will include the Staff in this number until there is greater relaxation). It may sound a lot of people but each area will be limited to the stipulated number of members allowed in that space.

So, it will also be important to cap your attendance time to 60 minutes to allow as many members access as possible. We will be able to see how it is all going during the first week and that will give us better guidance regarding what will be advisable and manageable in future weeks.

Going for a coffee in Ahoy cafe or La Zucca, both in Bald Hills and very handy to Green Apple or to Gloria Jeans at Bunnings shopping centre, Carseldine, might prove good places to chat.

I am even thinking it might be a great idea to put some chairs out in the street where members can go to chat instead. What gave me the idea was the way the Hairdresser opposite the Green Apple managed their clientele for the past month. They do the work inside the salon and then all the clients sit, physically distanced, but talking and laughing outside the salon as their colour set or whatever they had to wait for.  What do you think? Chairs outside Green Apple? The footpath is wide enough.

More tomorrow. If you haven’t already started to prepare for your post COVID-19 closure then Monday June 8 would be a great starting point. If you need to take charge of your mind and body I recommend a food diary and at least 15 minutes of some physical activity every day till next Monday. It will give you an excellent head start.

My cycle trip this morning was fantastic. Weather just beautiful and traffic much lighter than when I cycled down to Redland Bay on Friday afternoon. I feel ready for the steak Brian plans to BBQ for me when we finish our work today!


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