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Victoria’s Talk Time 08/06/20

Hello Everyone

Great to know you are reading these blogs! I have had emails from many of you ranging from “Yay” to asking questions about what Group classes we will have on and when.

Thanks to those of you who responded about the seating outside Green Apple and to the idea that this could be used for catching up with each other after your workout. It just won’t be possible to chat inside because every exercise area will have a number count and it will be essential in the first few weeks to do what you need to do and then leave to have a coffee catch up or sit outside for a chat.

We will have stations in all areas with the wipes for the equipment and we will be asking you to use these on any surfaces you have contact with.  We will be asking you to bring a suitable bag with you to carry the things we ask you to bring every time you come to Green Apple.  Since we are not allowed to put your handbags and wallets and keys away yet, anything like this will need to go into your bag. As well you will need 2 normal size towels to cover the equipment you are using, your own pencil, and preferably a little hand sanitisers of your own.  We will have big sanitisers positioned everywhere but I personally carry my own little one around because then I don’t need to touch any pump handles etc.  We will have gloves for anyone who wants to use them and I even encourage you to wear a mask if you feel safer with this on.

When you arrive on your first visit you will be asked to sign something and you will be shown the site map telling you how many people can go where at any one time. It will be important to observe the physical distancing rules as you enter.
We can only have 7 people in Reception at any time so we will do our best to get things done as quickly as possible. It will only be the first time you come that this will need doing so the first few days might be stressful for all of us. Take pity on Brian on Monday morning when he opens the doors!! Be rugged up and prepared to wait in line if you plan to come in at 5.30am. Good catch up time possibly as long as you observe the distancing rules.

If you know any previous member whom is not getting any Green Apple contact, do let them know we open on Monday June 15 and tell them to check out the Victoria’s Talk Time messages on the Green Apple website.

If you have specific concerns send them to me on [email protected] You may be better to wait till the end of the week because in the next couple of days I hope to provide any information you may want about what is going on.

If your membership has been on HOLD, Loretta will be activating it on Thursday June 18. If you do not want this to happen, you MUST send me an email to tell me what you do want to do instead. I need direction from you by Tuesday evening. It is a huge admin job to make these changes and each person’s payment amendment has to be done individually so no mistakes are made. Hence hours and hours of admin work and we don’t want any hiccups.

WOW! Every time I start one of these blogs I plan to write a couple of paragraphs and then it ends up half a book! I have had some lovely stories sent in by many members and I’d like to share them with you so I’ll put one in tomorrow. Actually Nessa and Sonya are compiling a Green Apple COVID-19 story book and we are looking for photos and stories to add to the ones we have already.
What have you got that you can share about your exercise time during the past couple of months?

Till tomorrow,
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