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Victoria’s Talk Time 10/06/20

Hello Everyone

Thank you for those of you whom have been sending me feedback on the blogs I have been writing to you and for every member who has given us guidance in relation to extending the HOLD time for a bit longer.

I really do understand your anticipation regarding what is happening as we head towards opening the doors. For some it is absolute enthusiasm and for others there is some doubt, and even trepidation. Need I tell you that I have gone through and am going through the same gamut of emotions, not because I doubt what I and my Green Apple Team can do for you, but purely because of the guidelines we must work within until Stage 3 July 10. 

I have important information to share daily now and today I will give you some specifics that will help you plan for your return. I really am looking for your support in relation to how we are managing this very challenging time. We have been told if we are not compliant in every way we could face a big fine and even closure and since I strive to stay within legal frameworks I have had to think this through fully and plan appropriately.

First, Group classes in the “aerobic room” will not be scheduled till Stage 3 or unless the Queensland Government relaxes their current rules in relation to what we can do right now. You should have access to all or some of the classes Nessa has put on videos with staff during the COVID-19 closure and you will be able use these to tide you over until we are able to provide the Green Apple onsite Group Classes.

When we open, our closing time at night will be 7pm every week night from a Monday to Friday. We encourage our evening members to come in and get used to using equipment for calorie burning and muscle toning.

The Green Apple will have several “zones” which will have capped numbers but since we have a lot of different areas to “zone”, members will still be able to access equipment that they haven’t been exposed to at home and this is the critical factor and it is why we are opening now, with restrictions, instead of waiting till we have far less to plan, organise, and implement.

If you are concerned about returning next week, please send me an email to ask for your HOLD to be extended till the July 2 or July 16 EziDebit billing dates. We will do whatever you feel comfortable with as long as I get this request by Tuesday June 16.
If you are currently on the Health@Home membership, you won’t need to change your billing but you will need to discuss extending your home exercise arrangement with your Trainer.

For those of you coming in we will greet you joyously. Think ahead in regard to when you will come in on Monday and what time you will attend on your first time in to the Centre there will be a COVID-19 form to fill in and guidance in relation to what you can do, can’t do and how we will be running the Green Apple. You only have to do this once so we will need to go through the process with a lot of people in the first week.

Brian, I, Loretta and Cheryl Enchelmaier will be coming in at 5.30 am on that first day So as long as we are all patient with each other and happy to be together again, the experience will be a positive one.  Oops my mistake, Cheryl Ivory.

I can’t tell you how much support I need from all of you right now.

We can, we will and from next Monday, WE ARE!!
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