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Victoria’s Talk Time 11/05/20

Hello Everyone

The Green Apple Team tell me that many of you are asking if we have any idea when we will be allowed to open. What we do know is that we come under the umbrella of the COVID-19 “Stage Two” as set out when all the State Premiers met with Scott Morrison recently. Since each State is progressing at a different pace, we need to listen to our Premier and be guided by what we will (most probably) be allowed to do.

Stage 2 is meant to roll out in June if we have all been able to maintain the COVID-19 rules, and contain the spread of the virus. It sounds as if we will have restrictions regarding the numbers we can have onsite but until we are given positive direction, I’m prepared to wait and see. I am working on being ready to open when it is appropriate and to introduce any necessary framework compliance.

Major work is being done to ensure our exercise spacing within the Centre and the positioning of equipment will meet the necessary social/physical distancing, and allow us to continue to deliver our Wellness Classes, Heartgrooves, Lungs in Action, Steady Steps and Lift for Life.

I will share more with you as we know more. When we do open, we will have one week with no classes at all, the doors will be open and the Green Apple Team will catch up with everyone both at Reception and on the gym floor. At that time we will gazette what classes we plan to deliver the following week.

In the second week we will add the classes to our schedule of activities, as well as resume our Wellness Group Classes as mentioned above.

By the third week we will be ready to start taking appointments for new programs for members.

I know you will be patient with the process of it all. Unfortunately there is no way we can just open the doors and feel everything is going to fall into place. It really is a brave new world and all the Telehealth consultations and Health@Home work we have been so involved in to keep you involved needs to transition into whatever is user-friendly to each of you.

Some members may like to keep doing their exercise in the comfort of their own home, and to continue to have access to the videos. The Health@Home will continue to be an option if you prefer the offsite service as your membership instead of the onsite delivery.

From every threat an opportunity will blossom.  I have always been able to see the positives when negatives turn up in my life. I feel we have all learnt so much during this time and that hopefully we can see more clearly what we like and don’t like, what we want in our life and what we don’t.

The Green Apple is a very unique place, and the Team holding the fort here, and the members supporting our efforts, are truly special people.

Embrace being a Green Apple!

I am!

My best regards to you,
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