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Victoria’s Talk Time 12/06/20

Hello Everyone

I am late writing to you tonight because I wanted to wait to hear the outcome of the Prime Minister’s meeting with the State Premiers today. At Green Apple we have been spending an incredible number of hours planning and organising all the necessary Stage 2 COVID-19 compliance. It truly has been huge and I started to wonder if the Queensland Premier would suddenly change her mind and tell us we can do something differently, and much earlier than planned.

It looks like we will still need to adhere to everything we have put in place although it does sound as if we may have some relaxation of the rules by the beginning of July. Can only hope.

So here is the COVID-19 framework that all the Green Apple Team were briefed on during a three hour meeting on Thursday June 11. A lot of what we have to comply with and what has been planned has been news to them too and they had a lot to get their heads around. They are all prepared to make the most of the conditions and to make it work….for you!

So Sonya will be putting up a link to two resources which you will need. The first one is the COVID-19 Waiver form that asks you a few questions. You will only have to do this on your first visit and we can provide the form when you arrive but if you can print it out, sign it and bring it with you, it will save time. 

The other resource will be the ZONE mapping of the Green Apple which we all have to abide by during the next couple of weeks. You will see that there are 6 Zones. Each zone has been prepared to provide you what is usually in that area, plus a few other exercise items to use.  Look below for click here.

Why do we have these zones?  It is because we have to cap the numbers in each zone and the rule is that you need to choose which area you will go into AND THAT IS THE ONLY AREA YOU CAN EXERCISE IN DURING THAT PARTICULAR VISIT. You will be able to leave your area to use the toilets (not the lockers, not the change room to dress in, or the showers) but you must go directly there and back, no using of equipment in another zone on the way there or on the way back.

So what will be the best way to manage this? Think how you can do things a little differently just for 2 to 3 weeks. You will be given your workout card to put in your carry bag on your first visit. Once there is a relaxation of the rules we will be able to look after your card in file again. Be prepared to use equipment that you know how to use from previous programs or to do more stretches, or extended fat burning cardiovascular sessions or strength training. Come more often and go in different zones for variety and a change of pace.

I hope you can see this as an opportunity to have some fun and experiment a bit, safely of course. We will be there to monitor what is going on and that is why there will be no classes and new programs for the first couple of weeks because we want as many staff as possible available on the gym floor to look after you as you get used to this “zone compliance”.

I will write more about what to expect when you come in to the Centre in the Saturday and Sunday “Talk Time” so you will feel really prepared. I have endeavoured to make the processes as simple as possible and the Team are right behind it all. Everyone is pulling their weight and I want to thank Nessa and Sonya for helping me stay sane today!

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Click here for COVID-19 Waiver form

Click here for Green Apple ZONE Mapping

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