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Victoria’s Talk Time 14/06/20

Hello Everyone

Well, my final message before we open tomorrow morning! If you are able to read this and to think about how you can help us make the day enjoyable and as stress-free as possible I will give you all a virtual hug!

Before I go into details, it is a good idea to cover the obvious. Probably the most important thing to remember on your first visit is to take it steady and be conservative in any efforts you make, whether when using the strength training machines, the cardiovascular exercises or any stretching you haven’t done for a while. You may have done little physical activity during the past two to three months, or you may have been on the Health@Home exercise program and doing thinks a little differently.

I’ll tell you the story of what happened to me this morning, and if this can happen to me, someone who exercises all the time, it could happen to anyone. During the COVID-19 closure, sadly my blood pressure had shot up on a daily basis, obviously reflecting the stress I didn’t think I had. I am an “adrenaline-bunny” so I am used to the fast lane of life and it was a surprise to see the COVID effect in my body, which I think was more caused by my determination to fight through anything we had to.
Anyway, I decided to go for a walk this morning to Bracken Ridge (no Lamb time this week) to have thinking time about all the final dribs and drabs, and to listen to Macca on ABC radio. I walked briskly for an hour, which I felt was fairly easy exercise for me, and as I neared home I felt a little faint. I took my blood pressure straight away and, instead of being the higher reading, it was 95 over 55.  My heart rate will often be this level after my ride from Bald Hills to Redland Bay but never usually with walking. Obviously there were things going on inside my brain and body that I had no awareness of. We can learn something about our body every day!  The moral of the story is that our blood pressure fluctuates all day, reflecting many metabolic processes going on. Rapid changes will affect us so when you return to the Green Apple, train sensibly until you find your rhythm again.

I will now write what I planned to share with you about the opening tomorrow however I will start another blog and head it YOUR FIRST VISIT AFTER COVID CLOSURE.

Exciting times for all of us!!!!

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