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Hello Everyone

My second message this morning, the day before we reopen, this time providing specific information for you.


On arrival:
1.  Wait at the base of the stairs until a Team member brings you into Reception
2.  Your temperature will be taken and anyone whom has a temperature of more than 38 degrees centigrade will be asked to see their doctor before returning.
3.  You will be asked if you have had contact with anyone back from overseas, or COVID positive, recently (I know our member base will stay home if this is the case but we have to ask)
4.  Reception staff will process your COVID-19 Waiver (if you have downloaded and signed this it will save time however we will have the forms ready here for you).
5.  Reception staff will show you, and explain, the six Zones we will be using during Stage 2 of COVID restrictions.  It is very clear and easy to understand.
6.  Reception staff will book you into the Zone of your choice, noting the time you went into that Zone. They will tell you that you MUST return to Reception when you finish your workout and stand behind the “After Workout” line to wait until Reception staff can write down your leaving time on the Attendance record.
This procedure is critical if we are to meet QLD Health directives of being able to track every person and anyone they came into contact with, in the case of a positive COVID result.
Please don’t walk out after your workout without telling us you are going.

Temporary time allowance in the gym: No more than 60 minutes. We encourage you to come in every day if you can and use different Zones, rather than spending extended time in one visit.

The message ARRIVE, EXERCISE, LEAVE is the message we have to ask you to abide by. We know that the Green Apple is a very social place and we love that about it. For the next couple of weeks however we have to ask all members to be prepared to leave the building to do any catch-up-chatting. As long as you are “socially distanced” you can go to the Green Apple carpark or to one of the two coffee shops (LA ZUCCA or AHOY) a few steps away.

The main Qld Health and Industry rules we need to abide by and ask all of you to honour are
1.  Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly and often
2.  Avoid touching your face (mouth, nose, eyes)
3.  Cough into your elbow or use a tissue (dispose immediately)
4.  Wipe equipment contact areas before and after use
5.  Physical distancing of 1.5 metres constantly
6.  Optional, wear a mask
7.  Optional, use disposable gloves (supplied at Reception)


Bring with you
1.  A little gym bag to carry your gear (to keep with you since we cannot look after keys, wallets or handbags)
2.  A pencil
3.  Two normal size towels (to use to cover equipment well)
4.  Personal hand sanitiser (we will have this everywhere but I like to carry a little container of my own so I don’t need to touch any pump handles).

We will be providing you your workout card (using disinfected hands) on your first visit and you will keep this until we are able to store it for you again (hopefully within 3 weeks).
Since you will be using different Zones at different times, you may not be using your whole program right now. Be creative and just enjoy being at Green Apple and (sensibly!) mix and match different exercises.

So if you plan to arrive when we first open in the morning, be prepared to
We will be doing our utmost to look after you well and as fast as we can.

Spread out if there are many of you waiting.

And, please, please, if you are meeting old friends, remember the social distancing guidelines. So hard I know but this is totally necessary if you are on our doorstep. Non-compliance reflects on all of us and I don’t want all our hard work to be in vain.

Katrina has a red ribbon for me to cut at 5.30am tomorrow!!!  And several of the Team have offered to come in early to help, outside their rostered hours. I tell you we have the greatest Team in the world. 

It is an occasion! Never in the 40 years I have owned and managed Green Apple have we had the doors closed as we have had to during COVID-19. And our survival is an amazing achievement of all involved.

Till tomorrow
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