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Victoria’s Talk Time 15/05/20

Hello Everyone

Well, the time is getting closer to being allowed to reopen and if Queensland stays true to the government plan of a three stage relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, we should be next in line from June 12.

Until we know the exact date and the exact guidelines we have to work within, your guess will be as good as mine. It really depends on multiple factors and if there are few new cases of COVID-19 in the next 3 weeks, all should go to plan.

The question will be “How many people will be allowed onsite at any one time”. Until I know this we cannot make final decisions regarding the procedures we need to instigate in the first month of opening.

Having said all this, I will explain what my opening strategy will look like.

Once we have clearance to open (depending on how much notice we are given because if they give us less than 24 hours which they did when we had to close, it won’t be sufficient to call in staff appropriately) there will be a three week progressive introduction to services.

So, Step One, as soon as we know we can reopen, I will decide when we will actually be able to assemble staff and have the place totally ready again. Since we have been using the Clinic as the “gym” for the use of the exercise physiologists onsite appointments during the closure period, we need to get that sorted out and the whole Centre to have a final clean and sanitisation ( I want to do this at the last moment).
I might add that I have actually done all the rosters for the Green Apple Team so they know what we will be doing and who will be rostered to work when we reopen. That was a huge job because until we can recover financially sufficiently we will be down two previous Reception staff (Charlie and Anne) so all the Team will be stepping up to ensure we can look after you in the usual Green Apple fashion….and they can’t wait!!

Step Two, opening week will be dedicated to opening the Centre with no Classes and no Trainer appointments (except the exercise physiologists appointments). The purpose of this settling down week is to be able to free the Trainers to be out on the floor to help you all back into your programs and make sure you observe all our hygiene compliance rules, physical distancing guidelines and that your previous program is still manageable.

Step Three, week two of opening, we will commence a limited range of classes and these will be 30 minutes only unless gazetted (Yogalates, Yoga and Pilates and Brian’s Stretch class). Numbers will be limited to 12 and we will have some system of booking if necessary.
Note: It will be important to check what is available in Group Classes when we reopen so you don’t get caught thinking the old Group Class schedule is still be current.
Anyone whom has had access to the COVID-19 Green Apple Online classes will continue to be able to use these as a substitute if needed.

During Step Three (week 2 of opening) we will also introduce the Wellness classes again, Heartgrooves, Steady Steps, Lungs in Action and Lift for Life, with special attention to physical distancing and hygiene.

Step Four (week 3 of opening) will be the week we will free up the Trainers to start taking appointments for program reviews and Personal Training. We will prioritise the members whom have real clinical need (and the plan is that the exercise physiologists should be handling most of these appointments right from the first week).

So all is in track
To have you back

Happy and smiling
Keen to be trialling

The “new” spick and span
Green Apple Centre AGAIN!!

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