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Victoria’s Talk Time 22/04/20

Hello everyone

Well, it seems ages since I wrote to you all and with so much happening, and keeping on top of it is occupying all my time.

Have you been reading all the items in the Courier Mail about how important it is to be exercising for so many reasons, for example, to keep your immunity as high as possible, to prevent weight gain over COVID-19, to control binge drinking, and reduce the effects of being socially isolated.

It was for all these reasons we established our alternative offsite service, Health@Home program. I am so happy to see how many of you have enrolled in this. Together we are all doing our bit to keep Green Apple alive and well.

The Green Apple Team has jumped into action, boots and all, embracing every challenge and I can tell you that it is wonderful working with such a committed Team.

Nessa and her Group Class Team continue to hone their skills in producing videos for your home use. Nessa will be filming Cherie doing Yoga or possibly Yogalates, Wanda doing more Pilates, Katrina being Katrina with more aerobics and Easybeat classes and Loretta has been asked if she will do a Fitball Drumming class.

Nessa also checks up on the Green Apple private Facebook site every evening to help you stay on track and read any messages you are putting on there. If you are not already participating in our special COVID-19 Private Facebook page then you can access it as a member or associate member. Just send Nessa an email on [email protected]

This is a whole Team effort. Behind the scenes the Allied Health exercise physiologists are working solidly doing Health@Home sessions, mainly from home but also doing some face to face appointments in the Clinic where we have set up a temporary COVID-19 gym for them to use.

Loretta has been kept busy, busy with administration tasks, billing, rostering (very different type of rostering at present), and lots of things that must be done for the business. Luckily most of this can be done at home too.

Petrina, Katrina and Wanda are fully immersed in their Health@Home client contact work at home doing a fantastic job of inspiring you to keep as active as possible, in good condition until you can return to us.

Pat is keeping the Allied Health admin in as much order as she can. That work has also changed significantly.

Sonya and Nessa are the backbone of the day-to-day operations as the go-to people for staff working at home and they do many things I need them to do.

Darrol has joined the outdoor team, John, Brian and Gary, and they are well physically distanced as they work on some amazing transformations ready for when we can re-open.

So be assured that we will all be in fine fettle when this closure ends. 

Keep safe, be kind, and be diligent with your physical activity. When I practice all three I really feel some significant mental health benefits. I hope this works for you too.

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