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Victoria’s Talk Time 22/05/20

Hello Everyone

The question everyone seems to be asking as Stage 2 ,which is meant to start on June 12, sweeps towards us is “How many people will be allowed to come to the Green Apple at any one time?” 

We are presuming it will be a set number onsite at any time and if this is the case we will have a management strategy to cope with it. Since Qld is going so well in relation to COVID-19 cases, or lack of them, I am wondering if the government might relax the numbers somewhat if all businesses (guided by our Industry bodies, Fitness Australia and ESSA) work on their compliancy to all the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. We certainly will be.

A few things I can suggest which you can be ready to do will be to bring 2 towels instead of one when you come for your workout so you can cover the equipment properly, bring your own water bottle as usual because we can’t use the water fountains, bring your own pencil, be open wearing gloves or using sanitiser regularly and while you are here observe the correct distancing we should be doing wherever we go and the wiping down of any surfaces you touch. We will all be here to guide you into any new processes. It may be tedious but it is better to have specific behaviours to protect ourselves and others than not being able to resume attending the Centre.

Showers are out of bounds too and only one person at a time can go into the library to check out the new books our Green Apple” librarian”, member Pam Keir, has brought in. 

We are lucky to have so much outdoor space to use, and the Group Class floor upstairs (which will not be used for classes in the first week) provides another great area to do your stretches and floor exercises.

For those of you on the Health@Home program, if you are concerned about returning too early, we will keep that service going for you if you prefer to use your membership that way. Please talk to your Trainer about what you want to do.

If you feel that you have definitely benefitted from having a Trainer you may wish to continue to have one-on-one sessions in the form of personal training face-to-face in the Centre. The fee for this is $40 with an exercise professional (Katrina, Wanda, Petrina, Darrol or Loretta) or $60 with an exercise physiologist (Sunny, Bridie or Charlotte). If you have access to private health rebates then you can use this for exercise physiology sessions. Anyone booking a session will be assured of entry at that time if we do have a limitation of people onsite at any one time. Seems absolutely amazing to me to even have to be organising all these restrictions! We have to consider everything from all angles.

I will endeavour to write to you more regularly as the date gets closer.

Hang in there. We hope you will all get a lovely surprise when you see what has been happening behind the scenes here while you have all been banished.

We all send you our very best wishes and can’t wait to get our big Green Apple family back again!

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