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Victoria’s Talk Time 31/05/20

Hello Everyone

Decisions have been made so that is a huge plus!

Fitness Australia and the Queensland government have now confirmed that they are fast tracking Stage 2 COVID-19 business reopening dates. From midday Monday June 1, Fitness Centres will be able to reopen, allowing up to 20 people to be onsite at any one time.

Fitness Australia has provided the industry with the COVID-19 Framework and Checklist which now needs to be submitted by the Qld Sports Department to Qld Health for urgent review to allow more than 20 people per venue based on the “4 square metre” rule per room or area rather than just a set number.

From the Green Apple perspective, we are working through all the compliance factors that we have been provided. Some of our members are classified in the “at risk” category and we are determined to focus on the level of care we believe is essential.  Not only do we have the Fitness Australia Framework to meet, but also ESSA (exercise physiologists COVID-19) compliancy as well as Workplace Health and Safety additional requirements.

At Green Apple everything has been set up and timed to open officially Monday June 15 (which was to be the first full day of business after Stage 2 was meant to start). By that time the “4 square metre” rule will be in place and we will be able to space out our members throughout the Centre to meet the amended  COVID-19 rules.

So Monday June 15, 5.30am, will remain the reopening date and time for Green Apple members to return to Green Apple.

To give you background to this decision, I decided that the short notice would not work for us. The logistics of having to be compliant with the maximum of 20 people, the possibility of having to ask people to wait their turn to attend, asking people to leave the Centre to meet the 20 people limit will only add to the significant pressure on the Green Apple Team to meet the rigorous COVID-19 rules and regulations in relation to sanitisation, “policing” the physical distancing ruling while they work on re-establishing members whom have been away from the Centre for more than 2 months.

I can assure you that it will be worth the wait. We have been taking so much effort to get the Centre ready for your return and we have been really busy, and will be really busy, right up to our opening mid June. The cleaning of the Centre, the carpets and final sanitising have already been scheduled for Saturday June 13. Our timelines were planned some time ago.

I understand that many of you can’t wait to get back and I really empathise with that.

Just 2 more weeks!

At least we now know
1.  The opening date Monday, June 15
2.  That we will be able to have more than 10 to 20 people in the Centre as long as we observe the “4 square metre” rule
3.  That we will be squeaky clean and renovated, with equipment physically distanced
4.  That the Team will be mentally, emotionally and physically ready to welcome you back!

I will stay in touch more regularly to give you more information about what will happen when we reopen, and anything you need to bring with you when you come.

Hang in there! The two weeks will go so fast….
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