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Victoria’s Talk Time 9/04/2020

Well, Nessa’s videos of Green Apple team members doing a group class are creating interest and new challenges for many members. So many of you have never done classes before but now are giving them a go in the privacy of your own home. Who knows where this will take you in relation to your fitness and wellbeing!

Just a reminder that full paying members should be receiving a different class every week day (except over Easter) and members whom have put their membership on suspension will receive one class weekly. If you are not on our bulk mailing list for your video(s) and you are entitled to be, please let me know as soon as you can and we will add you pronto. 

I know some of you would like to choose the type of class you receive. Unfortunately, the logistics of customising individual emails is just too challenging at present since we are all run off our feet providing a totally different day to day delivery of Green Apple services. 

All HOLD members will receive the same video on Thursdays and full paying members will receive 5 classes weekly, and you will be sent the class of the day.  (Note: Any HOLD member can transition back to full paying status if and when they want the additional classes). 

Nessa and the team have created a great selection including Step, Easybeat Aerobics, Pilates, Stretch, Aerobics, Barbell class with Brian, HIIT with Petrina and Raf (keep an eye out for this one) and BodySculpt. And Nessa and Loretta are planning on a Fitball Drumming class which is great fun to do.  

Lovely feedback from members Susanne and Peter Allen,

Hello Victoria,

I wanted to echo many of the responses given to you about your amazing staff. 

 I had a video conference with Katrina on Wednesday she designed an at home program for me.  Katrina is always so positive & supportive.

Nessa has been keeping in touch via our Facebook Group.  I know she is filming the various YouTube classes amongst many other jobs.

Petrina has also been so kind with very positive messages to me.

I feel very grateful that I found Green Apple Wellness Centre I know how very proud you are of your wonderful centre & talented staff & very rightly so.

I also admire the way you all have adapted to these difficult times using technology to keep us connected.

Your support of your staff is wonderful in these very difficult times ahead. 

Peter & I are happy to continue our direct debits & thanks to all for keeping us on our exercise path.

Our gratitude Peter & Susanne Allen

We have had so many heartfelt emails that I would like to share. One of our members is very hearing-challenged and was really worried all week about how she was going to cope with the offsite Health@Home 30-minute session with her Trainer. She wrote to me delighted that it had all been made so easy and manageable because her Trainer, Wanda, realised there may be problems so Wanda typed the questions and the member spoke back the answers. They could both see the screen and each other and the communication method worked amazingly well. 

Good on both of you!

Till next Talk-Time,

Enjoy a safe and happy Easter,

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