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Water Exercise for all Fitness Levels

The water classes at the Green Apple at Bald Hills can be done in conjunction with strength training or as a stand-alone activity.

Exercises done in water can be both joyful and effective. Studies have shown that physical activity has many health benefits and that older adults should aim to be as physical as possible. One of the exercise choices older adults feel most comfortable with is water work.

At the Green Apple, there are five different categories of water exercise to cover all levels of fitness and exercise “needs”.

There is a class for people who already have chronic diseases or biomechanical challenges, for example back or knee problems. This Splashing Good Time class is delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Dany, who really enjoys including DVA participants in his group.

The Beginner’s Aqua class is held on Saturday at 9.15am and provides an excellent starting place for anyone who wants to try water exercise and to understand the special properties of water resistance. Some participants stay on in this class because they believe that the level of activity suits them best.

Conventional Aqua classes are available throughout the week and on Saturday.  You will find them scheduled at various times.

High Intensity Aqua Training (HIAT) provides a challenging water class that combines hard work, a lot of laughter and camaraderie for all ages. Member of Green Apple, Sarah Savic, who instigated this particular type of Aqua in the Centre says “We work so hard but because the water keeps us cool we can do so much more without being too affected by the heat.”

The fifth water exercise option is to have a tailored exercise program made up to meet specific objectives. There are three full-time and two part-time Exercise Physiologists, at the Green Apple, who can also provide Personal Training sessions in the water or the gym using the HiCaps machine to process Privates Health Fund rebates.

Being inactive can be a health hazard so finding a fun and effective exercise option is critical. For the most part, when older people lose the ability to do things on their own, it is not just because they are getting older. It is usually because they are losing muscle and their activity levels have dropped. This does not need to happen – with the right exercise the whole ageing process can be slowed down.

The water classes at the Green Apple at Bald Hills can be done in conjunction with strength training or as a stand-alone activity. Phone 3261 1249 for more information

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