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What is Wellness?

What is Wellness? 


Wellness is living the best life you can for as long as you can. 


That is a great starting point when making decisions about what we need to do in life. 


If we are going to live longer, we want to live well because the opposite, illness, is not an appealing choice. 


Wellness is not age related. This Wellness objective is not just for us as we grow older. Wellness can be important for us at every age. 


And the important thing is to be flexible, to understand that Wellness can have different meanings to each of us and will vary and change over time from childhood to mature age. 


Wellness in our senior years means feeling as happy as we can in as many activities of daily life as possible with the shortest possible time of illness and unwellness at the end of our life. 


Vote One….Wellness!! 


Victoria Gill 

August, 2022. 

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