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What is Yogalates?

What is Yogalates?

Yogalates is a complete and comprehensive fusion of Yoga and Pilates, encompassing the flexibility, balance and meditative elements of Yoga with the muscle strengthening and toning of Pilates

 Why combine Yoga and Pilates?

Yogalates is an ideal balance of body and mind, breathing and movement. It is a movement system that stretches and strengthens all the major muscle groups developing a streamlined slenderness rather than bulk. During a Yogalates class particular attention is paid to building strength and endurance in the body’s core postural muscles (the stabilisers). This promotes “core stability” which enhances spinal/pelvic awareness protecting the spine against injury whilst supporting the internal organs and promoting good posture

 Why it is appropriate for men as well?

Yogalates is appropriate for men as well as it improves your posture, strengthens your body and spine and is a safe practice which promotes unity of the body and mind, freeing up energy to flow unhindered through your entire being. It is ideal for those needing to strengthen their backs, those suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis and is excellent for developing general tone and fitness in the body while also creating a sense of inner calm, relaxation and overall wellbeing.

Yogalates is available at Green Apple Wellness Centre on Wednesday at 6.30pm

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