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Are you finding it difficult to lose weight? Want to increase energy levels?

Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (HEAL) Course

The HEAL course is designed to empower participants to make educated decisions about the relationship between their eating and exercise habits. During this time participants discover what food/ exercise their body needs for optimal health and weight. A primary aim of the course is to encourage cognitive and behavioural changes which will ensure long term success.

Successful participants will come away with the ability to put into practice the strategies needed to make dietary changes. They will not only know what they should do to achieve their goals but also how to go about it successfully

This course is designed for people who:

  • want weight loss
  • want to eat healthier
  • want to gain weight
  • want to learn about diet
  • want to increase energy levels
  • are finding it difficult to lose weight
  • are having difficulty gaining weight
  • have a history of yo-yo dieting
  • need re-motivation or to renew their focus
  • are disappointed by their results post-measure
  • complain about lack of energy
  • have poor eating habits
  • respond to group activities

Commences Tuesday July 30, 2019 at 12pm or 6pm |
Members $99 | Non- Members $150

Delivered by Exercise Physiologist, Bridie Rankin


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