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COVID 19 News #9

Hello Everyone

I have had a lot of emails letting me know how well they are going with their Health@Home program. It is interesting to hear how many of you are trying the classes and particularly showing interest in the Pilates with Wanda that will be our class tomorrow.

Member Desley Green writes,

Good morning Victoria and all Green Apple staff,

Amazing!!!  What you all have achieved in the last week is absolutely amazing.  From the updates, to the health@home programs being rolled out and now the classes, you all have achieved above and beyond in this new world we have found ourselves in.

The dedication each and every staff member display is always outstanding but you have all gone up several levels to keep up the good work so that we, the members, can continue to achieve our health goals.  

I cannot even begin to imagine how much work is going on behind the now closed doors of the Green Apple.  

I am very grateful for all the new programs we have access to.  I did my first class this morning and it was great to hear the familiar music and get the heart rate up.  

My hubby has made a step for me so I can use it for the step class which was rolled out this morning.  A little bit of ingenuity using some materials we had lying around. 

Keep up the great work you are all doing. Imagine the celebration party we can have when this is all over and life can return to normal.

Many thanks for all you and the staff have done and are continuing to do.

Take care and stay safe

I can tell you we are all so happy to see this new service working. And your emails tell me it is!

The key always is the relationship we have with you which enables us to keep our one-on-one time during your sessions personalised and pertinent. I guess that is the difference when we compare the Green Apple Health@Home service to other online services. Most of these are programming for people based on information supplied without the personal knowledge that we have available. Your appointed Green Apple trainer can check your workout cards, your exercise history, in fact anything we have access to including your medical/health history. This gives us a great platform to use to build your offsite exercise.

Even online classes are generic generally and not always designed for “non-gym” people, or older people, or people challenged with choreography. Our Green Apple videos are made by Nessa and the staff thinking of you and your needs.

Keep an eye out for Brian’s Step Class and his Barbell Class. He was reluctant to be our video star of the day but Nessa got him going for you. If you don’t usually do classes then give this a go.

Important, I am thinking of extending this Green Apple class video to anyone who is paying to stay on HOLD as well as our paying members doing the full Health@Home program. Can you contact me if this is something you would appreciate.





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