• Blood Pressure Benefits from Exercise

    6th May, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    Blog from Victoria When you have a widely fluctuating blood pressure that reflects your pace of life it is critical to find ways to help manage the peaks. Medication helps. Taking the right dose of medication is important because you don’t want to be taking a high dose if your blood pressure is in a… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – Monday May 3, 2021—Issue 2412

    4th May, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All Well, all these short weeks are catapulting the year forwards at an incredible pace! Yes, Aqua classes are now in abeyance until later in the year when the weather heats up again. The water is still warm enough much of the time if you still want to do your exercises in water however… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – Monday April 26, 2021—Issue 2411

    27th April, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All Isn’t it hard to keep up with everything in these four-day weeks! Very easy to feel out of whack due to the 3-day closure and then four 4-day weeks (Easter Friday and Monday, Anzac Day Monday public holiday and next week, Labour Day on Monday!). I can’t wait to have everything settle down… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – Monday April 19, 2021—Issue 2410

    19th April, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All Brian and I had our COVID vaccine on Thursday night and both survived! Someone actually asked me if I was still going to ride to Lamb the next morning as planned and I replied “yes,” not even thinking about a possible reaction from the vaccine. I left the Centre at 6.30am and, despite… Read more »

  • Osteoporosis and your T-score

    12th April, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    How to organise a bone density test? If you are over 70 you are eligible for a bulk billed Medicare funded test.  Follow this flowchart: Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your concern Your doctor will provide a referral if a DEXA scan is considered appropriate Make an appointment to have the bone… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – Monday April 12, 2021—Issue 2409

    12th April, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All All the Green Apple Team are so happy to see so many of you back on deck after the three day scare. I must say I was setting up contingency plans just in case we had to go into a longer lock down and I am very glad to know these can go… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – Monday March 29, 2021—Issue 2408

    6th April, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hi All The Green Apple E-newsletter was sent out to you all this week so if you didn’t receive it do let us know. The email version differs from the hard copy newsletter published every week for all of you whom attend Green Apple.  The E-newsletter has a different focus because it goes out to… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – Monday March 22, 2021—Issue 2407

    22nd March, 2021 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hello All It feels as if Easter will be with us in the blink of an eye! Easter eggs and Hot Cross buns have been in the shops for weeks. This year is disappearing so quickly and it seems that so much must be packed into the time we have. Do you ever look for… Read more »

  • What I Wish I Knew about Total Knee Replacements

    18th March, 2021 | by Green Apple Wellness

    How do I prepare for total knee replacement surgery? Two actions you should take prior to having knee surgery is first to have remedial massage on the affected leg by a therapist experienced in preparing the soft tissue for surgery, and second to do appropriate strengthening, stretching exercises designed for you by an exercise physiologist… Read more »

  • Knee Replacements and Proprioception

    18th March, 2021 | by Green Apple Wellness

    One of the interesting things that I discovered the hard way, in relation to my Total Knee Replacements, is that when you have both legs operated on at the same time, it actually changes how your brain reacts to where your body is in space. That’s something I hadn’t discussed with my surgeon.  We talked… Read more »