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The Weekly Bite – Monday 9th January, 2023 —Issue 2497

Hi All

Has the weather been disturbing your normal routines in the last few months? Many people have mentioned that they would normally be doing Aqua at this time of year but they have felt the temperatures both in and out of the pool might be challenging.

I encourage you to think about adding some water exercise to your routine during the Summer months because the qualities of water provide a different sort of resistance to our usual progressive resistance equipment in the gym.

I am not a water-baby in the way many members are however, I have used the pool as an option at important times in my life when recovering from surgery or damage. The supportive yet resistant pressure of water enables a greater joint range of movement and I was able to gain excellent recovery results after my bilateral knee replacements and my massive shoulder surgery, and even after my wrist surgery, by doing both pool and gym exercises.
So this is why we have our Splashing Good Times class, fantastic group water hydrotherapy, where you have your exercises tailor-made to your needs by Zach which you can then do under his supervision with others on Wednesday mornings.

Other reasons we can use water for good purpose can be:

1.To help with swelling, especially of the legs, ankles and feet during high humidity in Summer. Even getting in the pool for 15 minutes to walk can make such a difference to how we are feeling. The compression factor of the water and you making your muscles work and stimulating your blood and lymph circulation gets great results.
2.  Having an alternative program to gym work if you are affected by the heat in Qld. There are so many exercises you can do in the water to help with strength, fitness and flexibility/mobility.
3.  To destress by floating and focussing on your breathing, mindfully appreciating the feeling of effortless body movements. This is a great way of clearing your mind, de-cluttering the “small stuff“ that accumulates constantly in this modern fast-paced life.

And MEN! We even have a water class just for you! Charlotte not only provides great exercise, she has such a great personality that she provides fun and entertainment too! A powerful combination!

So think about how you can really benefit from having a lovely private, beautifully maintained (thank you John!) pool at your fingertips! Take advantage of it.

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