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Green Apple Clinical Pilates Classes

Where does Pilates come from

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born 1883 in Germany.  He was movement-focused from a very young age being a gymnast, body builder, professional boxer, circus performer and a self-defence trainer in schools in Scotland Yard.  He was interned in prison during WWI and was involved at this time in teaching wrestling and self-defence and developing the new exercise form that was to become Pilates.

Later he opened his Pilates studio in New York with his wife where many well-known dancers and ballerinas attended.

He was also a prolific inventor with over 26 patents pertaining to his apparatus and machines to aid the bodys movement and technique.

Who is a good candidate for Pilates instruction?

Anyone can benefit from learning how to do Pilates, from beginner’s functional fitness or for general injury recovery, to athletes for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Pilates focus is on “The Power House” of the body i.e. the core stabilizers (Multifidus and Transversus Abdominus) and being able to switch on these muscles using breathing and mindfulness (engaging the brain).  If you have weakness in these areas such as:  Back pain, neck pain, movement dysfunction and poor pelvic floor engagement, Pilates may be perfect for you.  And if you play sport, or even if your body is weakening with age, Pilates can provide the essential base to build other exercise from.

Why join us in Pilates?

Pilates is a thoughtful exercise regimen that is evidence based, clinically tested, beneficial to the whole body and is fun and interesting.

What are some other benefits of Pilates?

There are so many benefits including postural alignment and more control over your body, improvement of balance, coordination, circulation, strength and endurance.

Pilates also creates body awareness helping you to listen to your body.  This is critical in our fast paced and often stressful modern environment.

Throughout the class, participants will be encouraged to relax into the exercise and to concentrate on keeping all the movements flowing “like a constant stream of water”.

You will learn how to breath correctly and how to do the exercises accurately, recruiting the correct muscles.  As your understanding of the principles of Pilates grow, your competency and enjoyment will increase significantly.

Clinical Pilates is available on Thursday 10am and Saturday 10am.  New participants must have attended one 30-minute Basic Pilates personal training session  prior to attending these classes.

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