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Spring Time Exercise

I always think that Spring is a wonderful time to think about expanding my exercise options to make the most of the crisp lighter hours in the morning and evening.

At the Green Apple we open at 5.30am and in Winter the challenge is to stay focussed on the results we want. No-one enjoys getting up in the dark, especially when it is cold, to venture out to do their exercise. In Spring, as the days lengthen, it becomes more appealing to start the day with a Step Class or Stretch Class, or a class to music for some fun and laughter.

One of the most popular options, once the weather starts to warm up, is the early Aquarobics Class. Watching the steam lifting off the solar-heated water and sharing the camaraderie of other water-lovers makes exercising very special.

At the Green Apple the strengthening machines can be done in fresh air watching the sun come up. In Spring the weather is still crisp enough to make early morning exercise boost our metabolism without having a tiring effect. It is a time exercise can really be used to help reduce the little extra layers of body fat that have crept on over Winter.

If you are over 50 years, exercise options in Spring open up so many avenues to stay physiologically young. Whereas in Winter it is easy to wear more layers and to be less active Spring awakens the need to get out and about and enjoy the wonderful Brisbane weather and lifestyle.

So, if you are ready to make the most of life, we are all here to help you.  It might be time to book in for your new Spring program.  Think about what you want to achieve in the next eight weeks and book in!


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