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The Weekly Bite – May 24, 2019—Issue 2328

Hi All

Well done to the amazing Green Apple Social Committee for another excellent Biggest Morning Tea event and big thanks to Joan Gregory for writing such great editorial for the newsletter. 

Brian has been busy in Lamb putting in windows and screens and tussling with a door that had to be replaced. The door locks and fittings he purchased from a big well-known store were faulty and, when you are on an island, it is not just a short trip up the road to replace it! He refused to be stressed by it however even though a great deal of work went into finding out why it refused to work. 

The men’s change room will be finished as soon as Brian returns (Monday May 27) now that he has the shower door and the rails etc. He is hoping that men members who have been using the “new” change room are enjoying the benefits from the work done over the past 4 weeks. 

Whom do you know outside the Green Apple who suffer from knee problems, are heading for knee surgery, or even whom have had surgery but still feeling their knees are a problem? Since having both my knees replaced at the same time, I have used myself as a guinea pig in the lead up to surgery, during recovery phase and even now continue to observe how well they are holding up post-surgery. Sunny will be delivering a workshop on Total Knee Replacements later on but I am thinking of doing a talk on the subject in the next 2 weeks. If you know of people interested in this, or you feel you could benefit from it, could you put names up on the Expression of Interest” note in Reception.                    


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