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The Weekly Bite – April 23, 2019—Issue 2324

Hi All

The Winter Group Class schedule has been decided on and will be available to you after Easter so collect your copy at Reception. 

We are staggering the Aqua class removal from the schedule based on recent attendance and this is what we have decided to do, based on your requests. 

Aqua Monday 6.30 am & Friday 6 am have now finished.

Monday 9 am & evening last class, will be 29th April.

Thursday evening last class will be 2nd May.

Friday 10 am last class 3rd May

Saturday 9 am class will continue, last class will be 25th May

The Friday early birds will have a treat in store when they do their 6am class upstairs. Charlotte will take this class from May and it will be for the extended 45 minutes rather than the 30 minutes we scheduled throughout Summer. We have decided that we will provide a variety of different class formats throughout the month so your body will benefit from a variety of activities. 

Men, your change room may take anything up to 4 weeks to finalise. The tradesmen doing the rendering, the plumbing and tiling will do their work one after another once Brian finishes what he needs to do during Easter. If unsure whether you need to use the toilet upstairs instead of accessing it downstairs during this time, please ask us at Reception. 

This time of year really is critical if you are going to address any over-indulgence from Christmas and Easter festive fare. During May we have scheduled lots of courses and workshops to help you knuckle down, or gather information, that will help you stay on track. Every year we plan these informational and/or motivational opportunities at the end of the previous year, based on what has been popular or successful that year. The 2019 options available to you are the pick of the crop. 
See the noticeboards for more information and continue to grow. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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