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The Weekly Bite – April 6 2018 – Issue 2271

Hi All

Well, I have to congratulate Brian who, with the help from our son-in-law (who is also Brian’s nephew!) Steve and grandchildren, Rafael and Raul particularly, we actually achieved everything that was planned over Easter.  If you had been here you would have seen an incredible mess in the men’s changeroom with dismantled brickwork and  the awful old lockers ripped out, chunks of wall removed between the small weights room and the old Children’s Activity Room.  There was sawdust everywhere and paint flakes from the brick wall that needed a lot of preparation before painting.  I am so pleased with it all because we have actually started on the projects that I really want done this year.  Without the Easter break it would still be on my “wish-list”!

Have you ever thought about doing a Group Class but you feel too unfit, uncoordinated, or shy?  Whatever the reason I want to help with overcoming any obstacles that are stopping you from having more fun and getting the benefit from your exercise apart from your personal program.

Two classes for “Earlybirds” which will  give you a good strength and fitness workout,(working within your own capacity), are the Power ½ Hour classes (Monday 6.30am using Stronger 4 Longer equipment, and Thursday 6.30am using Forever Active equipment.

These classes are 30 minutes in duration, one minute of strength exercises and then one minute of some fitness activity at your level.  Not only is the format very effective but you are also doing it under supervision and the time passes very quickly because it is fun. Join in!  Just let Loretta know that you want to try it and she will look after you.

Another class that you might enjoy if you are wanting to build some basic skills and learn the terminology used in classes-to-music, is the Aerobic Gold class on Fridays at 9am.  If Katrina has new participants who are attending their first “aerobic” class then she will go back to basics.  That is what this class is all about – a learning class so you build your competence in moving to music.  If there are no new participants then she will still deliver the class as a non-impact (no jumping) aerobics class to slower music than used in the Easybeat class.  If you plan to try this class, make sure you tell Katrina at the start of the class how you feel about doing this for the first time and she will look after you.

Just a heads-up for our Anzac Day (Wed, April 25) opening hours, Brian and I will open 3pm – 7pm and I plan to take a Learn to Step class for 30 minutes from 4pm followed by an Intermediate Level Step Class at 4.30pm for 30 minutes.  We will put a notice up on the Reception board for names so I can see what sort of response we will have to these classes.

Member Cora Zanetti will be on her feet constantly for the next month making jam and possibly pickles to raise money for the Cancer Council at our Biggest Morning Tea on Monday May 28.  Cora is hoping that other members will support her effort by;

  1. Providing fruit, tomatoes, cauliflowers, onions, butter (not margarine) etc. for the jams/pickles/lemon honey.
  2. Donating some time to chop up the produce so Cora can make the jam.

If you are able to help could you contact Cora on 3886 3458.

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