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The Weekly Bite – August 16, 2019—Issue 2340

Hi All

So many of our members have either down sized already or are thinking about what they might down size to in the future so when I was trying to decide what topic might be a good one for another light luncheon event I thought it might be a good opportunity to introduce a guest speaker who understands the whole downsizing journey. At the same time, I thought we could provide a Green Apple talk on “getting fit for travel”. See the invitation below and put your name on the board soon if you wish to attend. (Note:  We are limiting numbers to this event to 26). 

Jacinta has been overwhelmed by the generosity of Green Apple members whom have donated towards her expenses to compete in the world titles. As from Monday midday August 12, the funds raised had hit the $515 mark and I know there have been donations handed in since then.  Our cut-off day for further funding of Jacinta’s overseas trip will be Saturday August 17. Jacinta is the national champion in her event and we wish her every success in the world titles. She will let us all know how it goes. 

Thank you, Helen Clark, for your letter of praise for our Meditation teacher, Karen. It was too good to keep to myself so I have shared it in this newsletter. 

Go well member Jim Mathers on Saturday 7.30pm August 24, up at the Bonny View Hotel. Jim and his band, Lime Street, will be playing up a storm so if you have time to drop in to support them, Jim and Pauline Mathers will love to see you there. 

Brian’s offsider, Gary, has gone off in a big trip and will be away until the end of September. As you know Brian, Gary and John work as a team so with Gary away it will be even more important for you to report anything you feel needs looking at, or requires attention. Just let us know at reception so we can record it in the Maintenance Book. Brian checks this regularly with the sole purpose of keeping everything in ship-shape order. 

We are still taking enrolments for our new 65+ class so if you know of anyone aged 65 or over, whom is not exercising regularly (this is why we can’t enrol Green Apple existing members in this co-funded program), and who would be prepared to participate once weekly for 12 weeks, let us know at reception. 

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