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The Weekly Bite – August 3 2018 – Issue 2288

Hi All

On these cold mornings, you have to take your hat off to the Earlybird members who turn up religiously at 5.30am most days of the week to do their exercise. It is so much easier to just roll over and stay in a lovely warm bed during winter. It takes courage to climb out and face the day in the cold and the dark. But we do it, don’t we Earlybirds?  Because we know that in a couple of months when the weather warms up and we have our stronger, fitter bodies, we will go into our summer months feeling pretty good about life. 

The Body composition testing will be offered at the lower fee of $15 per person again later this month. We provide this body analysis so you can get an appreciation of what you are really made up of, how much fat and how much healthy vital muscle. Since we know that our metabolism (how many calories we burn up metabolically) is based on how much muscle and vital tissue we have on our body, if we know what our ratio of fat to muscle is, we can get a pretty good idea about our metabolism. (I work hard to retain muscle to keep my metabolism high so I can continue to eat a lot and enjoy my food!!) 

If you want to book in for this Maltron Body Composition test, see the noticeboard and put your name down.


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