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The Weekly Bite – August 31 2018 – Issue 2292

Hi All

Every so often I am sent something from a member who has a real story to share.  I think member, Michèle Dix, is a wonderful example of someone prepared to share part of her life journey and who shows genuine concern about her fellow beings.

I have included the full content of Michèle’s letter because without the first part, the second part has less impact.

Thank you Michèle—I truly appreciate it when members put pen to paper to tell me things that make me feel our work at Green Apple is making meaningful changes in people’s lives.

Dear Victoria,

Just a little catch up about my recuperation. I feel really well and am doing my recovery Pelvic Floor Program (which changes weekly at present) 3× daily as instructed by my Surgeon, new Pelvic Floor & new Skeletal Physios.

Unfortunately, I really badly underestimated (lack of knowledge) when I would be allowed back to my ‘normal’ life. I have only been doing the real recovery program now for a week (9wks post op) and my new Pelvic Floor Physio says she believes it will be at least another 4-6 weeks before I can be transferred back to my home base Physio, Maree Sweetman, Exercise Physiologist, Bridie & my revised gym program. At present I am still not allowed back in a pool for my hydro work either. So I am still away.

I would be grateful for your consideration and help.  I do miss everyone, you and Brian and my happy visits to the Wellness Centre.

There is another important thing I would like to suggest and if you wish to print it in your newsletter as a suggestion from me that is fine.

I would like to strongly encourage EVERY Lady member to attend any upcoming SECRET WOMEN’S BUSINESS Course to learn to understand about HOW they CAN strengthen, support and help preserve better Pelvic Floor Function to help with those ‘little accidents’ while laughing, coughing, sneezing, running, jumping (as on the rebounder trampoline or jumping with children etc) etc or even in personal intimate moments.

There IS something we can do to help ourselves other than just wearing protection or surgery. I wish I had known that help WAS available 15years ago and it was NEVER suggested to me by my GP!

The fantastic Green Apple Course was invaluable to me and I would like to encourage, ALL our Lady members, of ALL AGES to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity learn how to help keep their pelvic floors in better health.

I intend to attend, again, the next course, after I have (sadly) had to go down the major surgery repair route. As this Course it was so invaluable last time.

I do believe that a similar course for Gentlemen (many do not realise they even have a pelvic floor!!) to help preserve the good Pelvic Floor function for optimum health of helping their Prostate, Bladder & Bowel would be just as invaluable. 

I have been spurred on to add this part to my email, by an ad I saw on TV today (27 June) for Men’s pull up protection products for those ‘little bladder accidents’ while they are pursuing their sporting and hobby interests. 

Keep up the excellent work in encouraging us all to work toward our best health and physical condition we can be.

Best Wishes to you, Brian and all my Green Apple Friends, especially the lovely Joyce and her Steady Steps crew. I miss you all.

Cheers                     Michèle Dix 


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