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The Weekly Bite – December 7 2018 – Issue 2306

Hi All
This week, Green Apple team members Sonya, Nessa, Petrina and Pat have been busy playing Father Christmas to all of you. They have had a massive job of packing the envelopes we send out at the end of the year to wish you a wonderful Christmas and to thank you for being loyal Green Apple members in 2018.  If you are an Associate Member, and attend the Wellness classes on a clip card, please bring your letter in when you come next time, and when you have your 10-session card signed off, ask for your Green Apple Christmas gift. If you are a Full Member, your Christmas gifts will be enclosed in your envelope. Your gift will depend on whether you are a Platinum Full Member (you have been at Green Apple for more than 20 years), a Gold Full Member (you have been at Green Apple for 10 to 20 years) or you are in our 1 to 9-year Full Member category. The post can be slow and you may not have received your envelope yet, however if you haven’t received it by December 14, please let us know. 
If you are an Associate Member, you might like to trial being a full member for one month. Petrina came up with the suggestion that if you purchase one of the $99 Christmas gifts for yourself, you will receive a full month membership plus the monogrammed gift towel and this would enable you to trial Aqua, Stretch and any other activity as well as having a specially tailored program you could come and do any time rather than having to attend only for Wellness classes. Then if it doesn’t suit, you can just go back to your 10 session clip card at the end of the month. Food for thought. 
Has anyone some really healthy recipes we can share in the newsletter? Sonya would love to hear from you. 

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PS. Six weeks will be up!! I will be out of my sling on Thursday December 13 and then the real work will start!


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