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The Weekly Bite – February 14, 2020—Issue 2365

Hello All

It was great to talk with Cherie, our talented Yoga and Yogalates Leader, about her recent eye surgical procedure. So many people tell me they have cataracts and other things happening to their eyes that I thought Cherie’s journey well worth sharing. Probably the most common reaction to being told you need cataract surgery is apprehension and Cherie makes it sound all so simple. See the story in this newsletter.

If you were at Green Apple when Joyce Gasking was our Yoga teacher, you will be happy to hear that she will be back briefly from her rural retreat to deliver the Secret Women’s Business workshop and the Anxiety and Depression workshop. Joyce has a wonderful warm presentation style and she feels very strongly about both these topics. If you don’t know enough about your pelvic floor then Secret Woman’s Business is for you. That class is on Saturday at 11am.  The very current topic of Anxiety and Depression is rostered for Saturday 10am, directly before SWB.  Check out the start date for these workshops in the Calendar of Events. Both of them span over three weeks and are sessions of one hour duration.

Member Pat Gray (whom has been on the Green Apple Social Committee for years) suggested that perhaps we needed a designated Men’s Group time to balance out all the Ladies coffee sessions at La Zucca or Ahoy (local businesses in Bald Hills who look after our members so well). I told Pat that many, many years ago we had a designated breakfast morning where we would put out coffee, tea, a toaster, bread and spreads and the men would have a bite to eat while they talked. It was great while it lasted but, like all things, the need to provide it diminished.

So, I’d like to know if any of our men members, especially retired men members, would be interested in having this set up on a Wednesday morning. We could do it from 6.45 till 7.45am after Brian’s Stretch Class.  I said to Pat that you may just prefer to talk as you exercise, rather than doing something like this but I thought I’d ask.

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