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The Weekly Bite – January 8, 2020—Issue 2360

Hi All

Would you like a water program for the days you can’t face the gym? The water can provide a different exercise environment. I am not really a “water person” but there have been times in my life when I have used the pool for specific joint mobilisation, muscle activation and fascia release.  The pressure of the water on my body and the activation of my limbs when moving and exercising against the water creates a pump effect on lymph vessels and the vascular system, aiding return of lymph and blood to  the trunk.

After my bilateral knee replacements when I had both legs done together I used the water to help reduce the fluid in my ankles, calves and the swollen tissue around my knees, and when I was recovering from my spectacular fall in the Kimberleys at the end of 2018 and needed to help move my shoulder through as many ranges of movement as possible, again I used the pool. The support of the water and the low level  resistance as I moved my arm around was very effective.

You can arrange to have a water program if this interests you. It is a one-in-one session because it needs to be designed specifically for you depending on what you want to achieve. It requires booking in with one of the exercise physiologists (Charlotte, Bridie or Sunny) and it can be funded using an EPC appointment (bulk billed), partially funded through your health fund or self-funded. The session will be 30 minutes in duration and a member can access this service for $60. If you would like an exercise professional (Katrina, Petrina, Loretta, Wanda) to do your water program, the fee will be $40.

It may be the best “spend” you make all year if it encourages you to exercise more happily in hot weather.

We have a new program being rolled out this year, “The Joint Movement”. Water work will be available through this program which has been designed for people over 65 whom have arthritis.

You may know people outside Green Apple who would be eligible for this or you may qualify yourself if you are on a limited service associate membership (if water classes are not included in what you can do at Green Apple). Check out the noticeboard in Reception for more details. If you Google “The Joint Movement program for arthritis“ you can find out more about it.

Brian, I and the family will be back from our cruise to New Zealand at the end of this week.  We look forward to another year with you all.  If this year goes as fast as the last one, we will need to be on our toes because there will be a lot going on.

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