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The Weekly Bite – July 12, 2019—Issue 2335

Hi All

What a mighty response to our appeal for plants! So many of you have responded so generously and we hope you will enjoy the beautification project John is planning. 

Xmas in July event: just a reminder to all of us going, that our money for the trip is due before or on July 15. I encourage everyone to do this soon so the wonderful Green Apple social committee do not have to chase us up!

One of the Green Apple staff is making a move to a house that needs a few items. Brian and I wonder if any members have “spares” that they don’t want any longer. The big items are a washing machine and a fridge. We had a washing machine that would have suited but we have given it to someone else recently who needed it. At present we have provided our Clinic fridge but if anyone has one that they no longer need, can you let Brian know? Smaller items are an ironing board and possibly a kettle and toaster. We just thought we’d put this out there because we know how generous everyone is if they are in a position to help. 

Congratulations Charlotte for completing her Masters in Exercise Physiology and registering with the accreditation body, ESSA. Charlotte has now submitted her number to Medicare so she can have her provider number set up in the HiCaps machine ready for when she starts at Green Apple officially as an accredited exercise physiologist on August 8. 

Charlotte will be working with other staff to “hand-over” her buddies that she has been programming for. I don’t want anyone worrying over the transition because you will always be looked after well. If you really want Charlotte to continue doing your program, you will be able to use bulk-billed EPC sessions (referred by your doctor) or your private health fund rebate to help fund the session. 

Many people have asked if Charlotte will be able to deliver the evening classes on Thursday evening. Yes! Even though it takes Charlotte into overtime (exercise physiologists’ “ordinary” hours are 6am till 6pm) we think she is doing a great job and want her to continue. 

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