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The Weekly Bite – June 22 2018 – Issue 2282

Hi All

The Massage and Myotherapy Convention that Petrina and I attended last weekend was an interesting one.  Quite honestly, I have been to so many conferences (from medical, fitness and clinical massage) during the past 40 years that I go more for the ongoing professional development points these days to keep my various professional registrations up to date. I had little or no expectations for this particular event because I believed it was crossing over into my other field of expertise i.e. exercise prescription rather than research in the area of massage/fascia.

I was happily occupied however for the Saturday and Sunday. I spent my time listening to the latest theories in relation to fascia, treatment of soft tissue issues, and the importance of empowering “patients” to help themselves. Since I have always believed in this philosophy it was great to see how the professional body of Myotherapy and Massage is driving the movement of patient-centric care rather than condition-centric or disease-centric care. It recognizes the differences in people and their unique needs. 

The whole purpose then of any treatment and/or exercise prescription focusses on helping people be accountable and develop self-efficacy. I have been asked what I mean by self-efficacy. In this case it is having the confidence to be resilient and self-manage the desired outcomes whenever possible IN CONJUNCTION with any education e.g. understanding why/what/how in relation to exercise prescribed, or work being done e.g. massage. 

Petrina feels there was a lot of good content for her also and she particularly enjoyed the Opening Address by Lisa Curry. Lisa is a huge advocate for massage and feels that massage was very important in her swimming successes. 

The Social Club’s “Christmas in July “ is now fully booked, with 52 people on the bus.  Payment is due by Monday June 25.  Please feel free to add your name to the standby list in case of last minute cancellations, or due to illness.


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