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The Weekly Bite – June 7, 2019—Issue 2330

Hi All

The westerly winds have been amazingly chilly in the past week, especially as they billow through the Reception area.  Good idea to wear layers to the gym so you can shed them when you warm up.  Also, if you want us to pull the doors down in the Forever Active and Stronger 4 Longer areas, we can do that if you really feel the cold. 

On a personal level I like the bracing air but I will wear layers to help cope with it.  I might say my 30 minutes in the pool last Tuesday and Wednesday, at 6am, was challenging – more for the chill factor than the water actually.  Member Beryl Boyd called out to ask if I was a “modern day Spartan”!  No, just madly keen to rehab my shoulder.

Joan Gregory writes:
Biggest Morning Tea Winners!
I went to the gym yesterday and finalised the raffle.  I had Anne as witness and drawer of the winners who are as follows:

1st Prize:   Pauline Stackpoole (Salt Lamp)

2nd Prize:   Susanne Allan (Rug)

3rd Prize:   Thomas Mrazek (Earrings)

4th Prize:   Dorothy Geitz (GA Towel and


All winners have been notified by phone and asked to pick up prizes at the gym.  Total banked was $3053.85 wonderful effort. (Last year we banked $3010).
Thank you all so much for your input and hard work.

The pizzeria, La Zucca, next door to the Green Apple tells me that they have a special open Happy Hour on Fridays from 4 till 6pm. You will be able to pick up a $12 pizza with a drink purchase. I haven’t asked if this includes a coffee but I would imagine it would so it is a good offer. And on Sundays I believe they have a special offer between 4.30 and 6.30pm of a $10 pizza with a drink! If you are attending the Green Apple between 3.30pm and 6pm (our opening hours on Sunday) you might feel you deserve a weekend treat. Let the staff at La Zucca know that you read about their specials in the Green Apple newsletter. 


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STOP PRESS:  La Zucca has just been granted a licence to sell alcohol and they plan to have a Cheese Lovers & Wine Tasting event on  Wed June 12, 6.30– 8.30pm, cost $49




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