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The Weekly Bite – May 1, 2019—Issue 2325

Hi All

I want to share a lovely email I received from a member sharing her thoughts about one of our Green Apple Team. It is always music to my ears (and validation of what we are all endeavouring to do here every day, month after month, year after year) when one of you recognise our passion, best intentions and expertise. 

Member Desley Green writes: “I wanted to pass on my experience with Darrol this morning.  I had a Personal training session with him. He is a truly professional, friendly, informative and knowledgeable person.  What a great asset to your business.  He observed me doing my new program and was so helpful with advice and information about the use of some of the equipment.  One example was I had been doing the hammer leg press on 65kg and after observing me, he dropped the weight 20kgs, repositioned the seat and then told me how to bring the weights almost back to the starting position.  Wow, 20kgs lighter but so much harder to do with the correct position and technique!!  I always find Darrol very helpful, approachable and friendly.  I feel comfortable asking his advice on different matters and always feel that he
takes the time to listen.  Again, thank you for providing such a great place for me to continue my journey towards a healthier me.”

I responded “Quite honestly I am so glad you have experienced what Personal Training is all about. It is an opportunity for us to coach members towards MINDFUL exercise and to build your knowledge and expertise regarding how best to use YOUR body.” 

I think people think of PT as a motivational session where they will be coerced into doing something they won’t otherwise do at that level, and yes it can be used for that, especially if you are training specifically for a challenging trip or event. The best use of PT is to regard it as a coaching session. It makes sense to ask ourselves, would Roger Federer or any sportsman or woman be able to use their body so successfully without their coach? No way! Coaching is specific to our specific needs. 

In the Green Apple, having your new program provided every 8 weeks is just the starting point of the journey. Having coaching makes a huge difference to how much you will get out of your program. People outside Green Apple pay big money for this service. At the Green Apple you have a plethora of options at very reduced fees. Whether it is coaching for medical intervention (accessing PT with an exercise physiologist using your health fund) or with your chosen exercise professional, the value to your body and your amazingly coach-able brain is infinitely valuable. 


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