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The Weekly Bite – Monday 1 January, 2024 —Issue 2547

Happy New Year to Everyone

Brian and I had a wonderful break at Lamb Island over the Christmas and New Year week, and we used the time to continue the renovations that we started in early 2020. We were able to get a better run at some tasks that you just cannot start and finish in a weekend and this made us very happy and left us with a huge sense of satisfaction. 

I wonder how many of you have New Year resolutions? The experts tell us that any resolutions made at this time of year will be lucky to last until the end of January. Interestingly, the primary objective in so many countries around the world this year, appears to be based on our personal well-being and health plus a wish for the cessation of violence and war rife in so many places. 

We all hope that the places of conflict can find resolution in some way to benefit their fellowmen. Unfortunately we have little control over these huge confrontations however we may be able to find solutions to our personal three most wished-for New Year resolutions. 

According to the polls, the top three are:

  1. To exercise more
  2. To eat better
  3. To lose weight

Most people believe if they can achieve these three things that they will feel healthier. The sad thing is that most people struggle to develop the rituals we have to put in place to achieve our New Year “wish list”!

If you haven’t read James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” I can really recommend this as your guide to success. It will give you some sensible brain-food and confidence to take the steps needed to make your Green Apple journey super-meaningful this year. 

We are all here to help you maintain and improve your health throughout 2024 and we need YOUR help to make it happen. Training our brain is the key so reading “Atomic Habits” might be the first step in achieving those elusive New Year resolutions! Go for it!


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