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The Weekly Bite – Monday 10th April, 2023 —Issue 2510

Hi all

We have farewelled Darrol off to his travels around Australia with his partner Angie. We had a wonderful farewell party and it was grand to see nearly all the Green Apple team able to get there, including Dany who flew up from Melbourne and Sunny whom has settled into the work he has in Brisbane now.

Sunny is working for Australia Post in a role where he looks after employees all over Australia. This role of “assessing and measuring” suits Sunny perfectly and it was great to see him looking so well.

We welcome new two new Green Apple team members. Both are thrilled to be coming on board to look after you and to join our existing staff.

First, someone you may already have had contact with, Jesse McKenzie.  Jesse has been at Green Apple on practicum for his University placement, to gain real life experience on the job. Undergraduate students do many, many hours out in the field under supervision and Jesse has been really outstanding in the opinion of all the Green Apple team. Consequently, with Darrol away for a year, Jesse has been offered the role as an Exercise Professional here (like Darrol was, and like Katrina, Wanda and Loretta are). Jesse is currently finishing up his studies in his Batchelor of Exercise and Sports Science, a three year degree which is the stepping stone to the Masters in Exercise Physiology (or Physiotherapy if he decides to do this instead). Jesse will be working on Saturdays, taking over from Rhiannon, and will be rostered at other times to help in Reception and programming.

Our other keen new Team member is Nathan Leung. Nathan is an Exercise Physiologist who will be working full time in the Allied Health team with Bridie, Charlotte and Charlie. Nathan has been doing some “shadowing” work in the past week to get the feel of our place and has already met a few of you thanks to Wanda introducing him around when she was doing some equipment training with Nathan.

I hope you will welcome Nathan and Jesse into our unique Centre. They will bring new energy to us all and they know they will learn a lot from you and the health journeys you have been making at Green Apple.

So much of the work both Exercise physiologists and physiotherapists do is providing exercise and advice to people who they then send off home to cope as best they can. The exercise physiologists working at Green Apple can really see the outcomes of their work because you, the members, are walking, talking evidence of what can happen if they get their exercise prescription right, and if they listen to you and understand what help you really need from them. It is not just simple exercise prescription based on protocol (the right exercise for a condition), it is all about designing something tailored to you, finding out about you, your life and exercise history, what you like and don’t like, what you can actually do and what you struggle with. This is why I set up Green Apple in the first place. To be able to help anyone, of any age, take control of their body as best as possible with support and help from the right staff in conjunction with conventional medicine ie your doctor(s).

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