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The Weekly Bite – Monday 10th July, 2023 —Issue 2523

Hi All

Brian and Gary have been busy this week fixing things and installing things for the benefit of us all.

The two electronic treadmills have had new mats installed and one of the treadmills had to have the monitor replaced so they should both be firing on all cylinders at the moment.

You may notice also a monster size television up in the Group Class area. This has been installed for when we want to display any videos to enable all participants to see it clearly. We are using it on Saturday July 7 and 14th for the Pilates class at 10am since we have all staff capable of taking this class unable to work those two days (and that is a very rare occurrence at Green Apple!).

Brian has also made a modification to the squat rack that Nathan feels will make it safer to use if we are going to open up use to certain members for “unsupervised Squat Rack use”. Thank goodness Brian is a specialised sheet metal worker and this sort of task, as well as so many other things we need to have done around Green Apple, is something Brian copes with wonderfully well.  A further policy for use of the Squat Rack will be available within a week.

I am also interested in finding out how many of you would be interested in a Tai Chi  class  This is something that I feel very much fits with the “needs” within the Green Apple and when I say “needs” I refer to the health conditions and physical requirements (for example Balance, Co-ordination, mindful movement, gait control, breathing and full use of our lungs) of so many members which could be helped by attending a Tai Chi class.  If you are interested, then, could you put your name up on the noticeboard in Reception?

If there is anything that you wish to talk to me about that will enhance the Green Apple or “fix” some concern you have, I am always ready to listen. Since I am always in appointments of some sort or other, the best way to contact me is by email [email protected]. I will respond promptly.

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