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The Weekly Bite – Monday 11th December, 2023 —Issue 2545

Hi All

During the Christmas New Year week, the hours will change somewhat with the purpose of scheduling you more Aqua classes, and also to provide all of you access to Green Apple to continue to do your exercise . I know how important it is for me, just to stay on top of various end of year challenges, to be able to do some mindful exercise as a stress relief. So plan to come here as much as you can. 

This may be a good opportunity to take advantage of the Two Week Guest Pass. Did you know that you, as a member, can ask for this pass so you can bring along any family member or friend who has heard about what you are doing and possibly interested in finding out more for their own use. I have never believed in providing a free pass to just anyone who asks for a free trial of Green Apple; however I really believe in providing opportunities to members who want to introduce their family and friends to our unique services. And I ask the member to be the host or hostess of that guest, and to bring them to do the exercise that they do. In this way we prevent possible safety issues because we know that anyone unfamiliar in our environment will be looked after properly rather than pottering around helping themselves to various pieces of equipment.  

If you would like a two Week Guest Pass (and you may have more than one) please arrange it at Reception. 

Another suggestion for the end of the year, you may have Private Health (PHF) funding available for exercise physiology that you haven’t accessed. Did you know that our usual fee this service for PRIVATE (not a member) clients is $140 (60 minutes) or $90 (30 mins) but you, as a member, always have access to this service at a discounted rate of $115 (60 mins) and $70 (30 mins). This means that you can have a half hour session, using your PHF rebate, for a very small fee. And when you see what Personal Trainers, with very little medical knowledge and specialised exercise expertise, are charging out there in the greater community, what is there not to like about what you have access to. Treat yourself! Book in to use it!

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